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Titan-Leads specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). We’re located in Boston, Massachusetts, but we help clients worldwide market their businesses and sell search their products by driving targeted organic and paid search traffic to their websites.

We don’t just sell internet advertising. We believe you cannot be successful unless people can find you through search engines or social networks. Your website will be successful only if there is a comprehensive marketing strategy directly targeting the customer.

Strategy, design and implementation should work synergystically with marketing efforts to drive solutions and deliver innovations that not only follow an organization’s current brand strategy but also significantly enhance it.

Customized Search Engine Optimization:

We approach each search engine optimization project individually. Our scalable team of graphic designers, internet programmers and search marketing experts work together to create and deploy a web strategy based on your unique needs. Whether your organization is in the initial stages of web development, in need of a website redesign or looking for a complete, effective SEO strategy, Titan-Leads is there to make your vision a reality. We’d be happy to perform a free SEO review of your website. Every visitor deserves the same experience.

Here’s why and how:

Expert insights into analytics, SEO, GDPR, and more. Your hub for e-books, checklists, and other Siteimprove content. Master accessibility, SEO, and analytics with e-learning courses Hit the ground running with the help of Customer Xperience. Accelerate accessibility compliance with manual and OCR testing.

Strong SEO means more site traffic, a higher chance of winning over more customers, increased brand awareness, more measurable ROI, and if you really nail it, a better user experience for everyone. But in a world where the only constant is change, how do you monitor keyword performance, analyze the competition, optimize content, and report ROI all in good time? Now you can.

Siteimprove’s approach to the world of Search Engine Optimization breaks it down to a level your whole team can understand. By combining a brand new way to work with SEO and prioritized lists of recommendations—not to mention competitor analysis and keyword monitoring—Siteimprove SEO is your all-in-one tool to grow traffic, prove ROI, and seamlessly create content.

SEO involves piles of data and a whole lot of stakeholder management. So how do you keep track of scattered processes and divvy up tasks? Siteimprove’s Activity Plans put an end to the chaos, allowing teams and individuals to completely customize their way of working with SEO. Whether it’s resolving issues that hurt your search engine visibility, monitoring keywords, analyzing competitors, optimizing content, or proving ROI, Activity Plans merge all relevant insights in one place.

Getting in front of your target audience has never been easier. Before you dive into a universe of keywords, rankings, and content optimization, it’s crucial to know where your website stands.

Siteimprove SEO utilizes an On-Page Diagnosis of 66 checkpoints, separated into four critical categories: Technical, Content, User Experience, and Mobile. From there, receive a prioritized list of issues and recommendations for a handy snapshot of what needs fixing first. Dashboard SEO Scores gauge your SEO performance at a glance. The on-page diagnostics are rounded off by our Industry Benchmark, which shows how your website’s user-facing and technical aspects stack up to the rest of the market.

Discover traffic-driving keywords and filter them based on your strategy or insights like search volume and estimated traffic.

Add them to your Activity Plans, where you can kickstart Content Optimization with practical, best practice recommendations.

Click an identified issue, link directly to the page in your CMS, fix the issue, and jump to the next one on your list.

Don’t forget that duplicate content is an SEO killer. Based on an intelligent machine-learning algorithm, Siteimprove’s Duplicate Content Finder detects similar content clusters on its own so you don’t have to.

Understand your traffic and the true impact of SEO on your most important website KPIs by integrating with Siteimprove Analytics.

Search Engine Analytics compiles visitor information like devices, countries, engagement, and more, so you can tailor the user experience.

Excelling at SEO means serving your visitors—not just search engines. With Siteimprove Content & Accessibility, you create an error-free, accessible user experience for everyone, another way to push your website straight to the top of search results and the minds of visitors.

How you perform against these checks make up your SEO Score, measured on a scale of 0-100. Separated into Technical, Content, User Experience, and Mobile standards, errors are highlighted directly on the page and in the HTML for those working behind-the-scenes. Learn how the Digital Certainty Index™ and your SEO Score are calculated. With customizable Activity Plans, Siteimprove SEO offers an intuitive way to monitor, track, and showcase the progress of your SEO efforts.